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Bookmarking Demon Review

                                                                                                                                                                                 Tired of manual social bookmarking! The answer is the Ultimate Link Building software; the refreshing “BOOKMARKING DEMON
Which gets you unlimited supply of high PR back links and lesser Targeted Traffic from major Bookmarking sites just in minutes on complete Autopilot.  All you have to do is to fill in some blank spaces and press the start button, the soft ware also lets you increase your affiliate commissions, product sales and adsence income. And this software was founded and introduced to you by none other than Edwin Brian Soft.
The Bookmarking Demon acts as the repository for websites. Blogs. Articles, audios, videos, because there are real good social bookmarking sites and also tones of bad ones. Thus the Bookmarking Demon can submit your articles and websites to all those good bookmarking sites and enjoy targeted traffic to your website. thus it is ultimately an all in one submission tool to a large amount of top ranking sites for your blogs/ websites content. One of the key aspects of the software is how much time it saves you with only a few clicks, a copy and paste, the Bookmarking Demon automatically sends your content wherever you want it to be directed.
The benefit of targeted traffic is that they have more probability of buying the products which you are advertising on your blog or website, this leads to an exponential rise in the sales
Through social book marking we are able to promote our links and blogs online, but if this exercise is done manually it is time consuming, exhausting and very boring. You can actually retire from recording addresses of files, pages manually by assigning all these duties to the Ultimate Bookmarking software “The Bookmarking Demon”   and sit back and watch how your plans prosper. Manual Bookmarking is exhaustive in a way that it keeps you doing so much work and spending a lot of time doing the same thing. this is where the soft ware comes in to help you spend little time doing what you love, which means that by using the software you will be able to spend less time and doing more volume of work according to your plans. instead of overworking yourself, let the software  do the rest for you as you live a refreshed life, and spending your time and energy focused on many other activities instead of gluing yourself in front of your computer which is draining and making you have one activity in life, i.e. manual social bookmarking.
The Bookmarking Demon was created for almost all online users to do different activities these including; bookmarking, Marketing, media, social, link sharing, blog posting, blog promoting, recording, link submission, article submission etc. Solve the hectic situation of manual social bookmarking by getting yourself the Book Marking Demon software as it will quicken the Article submission process which is time consuming. Social bookmarking is beneficial in many different ways which includes; More Targeted Traffic which comes as a result of the different tags that you use as the visitors will click on to your tags. Faster search Engine indexing, and this is because most of these social bookmarking sites are authoritative sites thus will be located easily by the visitors on the SEO. It provides higher search engine ranking and better page ranking. But in general manual social bookmarking is exhausting and time consuming as you have to manually create accounts and all that follow in order to make successful Bookmarking. All this manual way of doing things repeatedly becomes monotonous and boring. That is why this kind of exercise of bookmarking needs some automation in order to quicken the process.
       There are many social bookmarking automated software out there; however they also have their issues which will make the system imperfect. These shortcomings may include the fact that most of these are spam tools, some of them are only designed for certain sites whereby they will be rejected on others where they are not authorized. Most of them are highly priced which makes it difficult for some people to afford them and even you might purchase it and it fails to work for you because of many other reasons, in many cases you have come across many automated systems which are very costly and promising all the best things and after purchasing you find that it is not effective for you because of reasons of demography and many others and then you lose your money to such scam. Most of them if not all, have duplicated content problem which will result into the SEO ignoring your bookmarking sites. 
       This is where Edwin soft thought of combining all the unique features of automated Bookmarking software and put them together into his own developed Social Bookmarking soft ware.   

  The refreshing Bookmarking Demon. when this software is put to its right use it can save your time and energy from manual social bookmarking hence you have to use it diligently just as the saying goes too much of anything is always bad thus you don’t have to abuse the use of the software meaning you have to ensure that you submit quality content and avoid spamming in order to succeed.
       Let us look at the unique built in features of the new, the new Bookmarking Demon latest upgrade version 6Creates accounts Automatically, whereby you can create accounts at hundred of social bookmarking sites, and it also comes with a mixture of popular main sites, scuttles sites, scuttle plus sites and ping sites. It also creates seamless submission from start to end.
        All you have to do is to set up everything from one screen and let the software do the job seamlessly without any human intervention. You can add your own list of scuttle sites, ping, PHP, pug, and German’s public bookmarking social bookmarking sites which you can find using the social bookmarking script, scuttle, scuttle plus, pligg, phpdug, and Germany’ public bookmarking. The Bookmarking Demon will automatically detect the type of sites being added and thus will magically increase the number of Back links you will get from all these sites. Scraper, the Bookmarking Demon’s scraper will save you time as you will be able to search for scripts with any foot print, it can also automatically detect the type of script used and discard any sites that are not supported. The Bookmarking Demon will randomly control account details during creation as it will pick one user name and password when you register at each of the bookmarking sites. Thus you can generate a new set of random usernames and passwords by clicking the randomization buttons. The Software has a scheduler which you can make use of to submit/ drip your bookmarks to across number of days, you can spread your bookmarks evenly/ randomly with your preferred timing. Titles, Tags and description Randomization, this can be done with use of curly brackets and pipes and in that it will help reduce your footprint online and greatly reduce any issue of duplicate content. Content Spinning and Rewriter, that is to say that with the use of spinning syntax, you will be able to submit hundreds of unique versions of your titles, descriptions and tags. Note, multilevel spinning is also supported. With the Software you can enjoy article spinning as a process of modifying the content of your articles to make them look different with different word composition while not affecting the meaning and message of the article. And also it helps in spinning your articles to various websites so that the users who prefer more than one social bookmarking site will not consider you as a spammer.
    The Bookmarking Demon also comes with its own synonyms data base which you can use to create unique spin syntax for your bookmarks, and also inclusive is amass replace synonyms feature which helps to instantly create spin syntax to all words that have synonyms. And another advantage is that if you are an existing member of spinner chief, spin chimp, best spinner and content professor, you can also use the integrated API feature to create more unique content. More so it also lets you spin and preview your bookmarks before you start your submission and this ensures that your spun bookmarks are readable. Within the Software there is a detailed site scanner that allows you to find out how credible the sites are before using that particular site, here you will be able to retrieve the site’s page rank, IP address, Alexa ranking and Web of Trust ( WOT) . You will be able to manage your account better as the software will enable you to manage your account profiles and set your account as pending account creation, activated or banned.
    The software also lets you Bookmark your URLs automatically, all you have to do is to add the full url of your WebPages and the BookmarkingDemon will automatically load the Meta Tags details, your title, tags and description will all be filled automatically. The software also acts as a Domain crawler, all you have to do is to enter your URL and the Bookmarking Demon will crawl all the links from that URL up to 10 levels in depth and 99,999 pages. Hence you no longer need to enter your URL one by one into the bookmarking Demon, your titles, tags and descriptions will be loaded automatically from your Meta tags and then by using the exclusion list, you can also exclude certain URLS from being added. The software also acts as an RSS crawler by attempting to load all the items found in your RSS feed if you crawl an RSS feed for Book marking.
   The Bookmarking Demon also does live links export whereby you can retrieve all your live links and export them into CSV file for other purposes such as pinging. You can also use the software’s ping servers checker to check if the ping servers are working. You can also set the software to automatically ping your bookmarks after you have submitted them, you will be able to add your own WebPages, bookmarks and tags pages for pinging, add any URL for pinging etcetera. The software can also be used as a project management tool as you can create multiple tasks for different projects, Rename your projects and tasks for better niche management. You will be able to randomize the number of web pages you want to bookmark to each bookmark sites; this ensures that all your Bookmarking profiles are different from each other. Within the software there is a unique feature of camouflaging with RSS feeds/ URLs which can be used to camouflage the web pages that you are bookmarking and the software does this automatically as it is sometimes necessary to hide your bookmarks in order not to get deleted.
   The bookmarking Demon also has a feature to delay email verification, this is because many bookmarking sites do not set their email verification immediately, here this inbuilt Delay email verification feature helps to delay your email verification after a few minutes. This will greatly improve your account creation success rate and you can also set how many times you want the soft ware to retry before giving up on a site, you can also set it to stop once it has bookmarked a specific number of items.  The Bookmarking Demon also helps in accurate category selection, whereby you no longer need to manually choose a different category for each bookmarking site, all you just have to enter multiple key words and the Software will find all the bookmarking sites that match the correct category.
      The BOOKMARKINGDEMON is the only Bookmarking submission tool to implement the Anti-Bot mechanism that is it support submission Throttling, it is also the only tool that simulate human submission speed  to reduce the change of getting accounts banned because of its inbuilt feature of Human simulation and Anti-Bot.  The Bookmarking Demon creates faster book marking and submission speed, because this Software comes with Multi posting feature which enables you to submit to many different bookmarking sites at the same time, you can also set the submission speed to make your bookmarking to appear more human like. It also has proxy servers and here you can always make use of the proxy server function to bookmark your pages. Some bookmarking sites restrict the number of accounts you can create per day so you need to use proxy servers to create more accounts, you can even attach a different set of proxy servers to different tasks and then use the Bookmarking Demon proxy tester to check if your proxies are revealing your real IP address.
There is this quick video to show you exactly how a amazingly the Bookmarking Demon works, the variety and quality plus quantity of links the software provides, and much more to learn about the software

The pros and cons of the Bookmarking Demon
There are so many pros and less cons about this software.
Pros of the Bookmarking Demon: first the owner Edwin Soft has created many genuine software which proves to us that he is to be trusted with his product as being of good quality. Secondly, the software saves time and relieves you from the heavy workload you would do for many days by just doing a short time work of simply a few clicks. Thirdly, it saves you money because it is only a onetime fee of $ 147 and also you save money that you would use to hire more people doing work and yet it brings in more money as it does big volumes of work making it possible for you to produce more quality work.
The cons of the Bookmarking Demon so far is the learning process you face when trying to learn how to use the software, which I still tell you that it is very easy to learn and to use. But we all face challenges when we encounter new things, the good thing is that there is full access to training and many other learning tools within the software.
There are more pros about the software coming straight from the customers who have used it and got satisfied;
Benefits Of Bookmarking Demon
More Affiliate Commissions

I made more commissions as an affiliate for click bank, share sale and other programs. I wrote dozens of landing pages, review pages and presale page as an affiliate. I bookmarked every page and was able to send ultra-targeted traffic to those pages!

More AdSense Clicks

As I consistently bookmarked my AdSense sites, I saw a growth in the number of AdSense clicks! The traffic you are getting is laser-targeted. As you get more backlinks to your websites, you get better ranking in the search engines. You will get more organic search traffic.

Sold More Of My Own Products

This is something similar to selling affiliate products. You can bookmark your landing page and start directing interested visitors to view and buy your products.

More Time To Focus On My Business

As they say, time is money. I used to spend hours bookmarking my webpages manually. It was tiring and time wasting. Now with Bookmarking demon, I can focus my time more towards business management.
"Automates Tagging And
Save Hours!"

Everyone should tag their AdSense sites to as many social bookmarking sites as possible. It will take one forever if done manually. One very cool Tagging tool I used is Bookmarking Demon.
It can register massive amounts of accounts with social bookmarking sites and then,
Here’s the sweetness, automatically tag your sites to these accounts! It is a desktop application that is robustly designed for speed and efficiency. Edwin has done a splendid job in supporting many of the most popular social bookmark sites.
Vince Tan -
"Customer Support & Commitment
Are Beyond My Expectation!"
When I bought your software I had a feeling all your promises, especially your customer support and commitment to upgrading freely this noble software, were like everybody else's, just that, hype! I am actually very surprised, believe me I am. I have many software bought with such promises. They all rot in my hard drive. I had no expectation beyond my usual experience. I had wanted to write you about your uniqueness, but had felt your feat was only temporary.
Sir, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your endless commitment to your customer, me yes me and I do believe, many of us who have been lucky enough to have bought your software. How I wish everyone out there was just like you, honest to the core. How I wish God may give you many days to live, and many ideas to develop to fruition, just like bookmarking demon!
I am one happy customer. I only wish you knew how honesty and commitment to your promise has meant to me. Long live Bookmarking demon.
Vincent Molelekwa

The software has a big advantage of seamless upgrade built within to any latest technology, thus it allows users to buy any other of Edwin softs products and enable it within the same piece of software without losing their work
A fair value of the software would be $ 197 with a monthly recurring fee of $ 47, but because the founder of the Bookmarking Demon created it with a vision to solve the social Bookmarking work load and problems he wishes everyone doing social bookmarking to enjoy
 Their tasks so he only gives the Bookmarking Demon with only onetime investment of $ 147.
The software is also updated regularly so it is update with what is happening in the social bookmarking world and all these software upgrades and updates are absolutely free. Like I said the book Marking Demon goes for only a onetime fee of $ 147 and there is 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the software. That’s right, you have 30 days to test drive the Bookmarking Demon. This makes it absolutely risk-free to try it Get it now

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